Project List
CodeName: Arrow
A simple, intelligent and flexible HTTP client for Android. With LiteHttp you can make HTTP request with only one line of code! It supports get, post, put, delete, head, trace, options and patch request types. LiteHttp could convert a java model to the parameter of http request and rander the response JSON as a java model intelligently. And you can extend the abstract class DataParser to parse inputstream to which you want.
CodeName: Crossbow
An ameliorative, enhanced AsyncTask for Android. LiteAsync also provides SimpleTask, SafeTask and CachedTask for rapid development. More convenient is, it has a TaskExecutor which can executes ordered, cyclicbarrier, delayed and timer Task.
CodeName: Archiver
LiteOrm is a fast, small, powerful ORM framework for Android. LiteOrm makes you do CRUD operarions on SQLite database and keep your object relation mapping with a sigle line of code efficiently.
Views & Widgets
CodeName: Goddess
WavedButton, TouchLock, AnimText, IndexBar, etc.
Project ing...
CodeName: Tidier
A write less, do more, dependency injector for Android. LiteIoc makes your code more concise and development simpler by using annotation-based injection.
CodeName: Bong
LiteBluetooth(Bong) is designed for Buletooth Low Energy, which provides an easier-to-use API. It can help you discover devices, query services, and read/write characteristics quickly and more conveniently. It is well suited for BLE devices that have low power requirements, such as proximity sensors, heart rate monitors, fitness devices, and so on.
CodeName: eBus
eBus is a publish/subscribe based event bus library, which simplifies the communication between app components. It plays a role in passing event and data between different parts, thus decouples them.
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